3 ways to help with teacher wellbeing

During these unprecedented times, we must learn to adapt to a new schedule and try to remain positive. But this isn’t always easy.

Teachers are amongst the key workers who are under a large amount of stress and pressure to persevere during these times.

That’s why prioritising mental health is essential, especially during these times of uncertainty.


Try these 3 ways to help with teacher wellbeing:


Setting goals

  • Goals can be anything from self-care to weekly objectives.
  • Why not try setting a range of multipurpose goals, like doing something relaxing, as well as completing any tasks.
  • Perhaps delegate some downtime every day for reflecting and mindfulness.



  • It is important to recognise that times are a little different. Not everything will be easy, and being aware of this is key for personal growth.
  • Try rewarding yourself when goals are completed.
  • This can be taking a break, like watching a film or reading a book.
  • Recognising your achievement during these trying times will help you to progress.


Separate work from home

  • When working from home, it is important to have a separate working environment and home environment.
  • This involves trying to work primarily during your working hours and having a separate workspace for completing work.
  • This will help to prevent stress and avoid being overwhelmed at home.