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Finding a performance training provider you can rely on to deliver great results for your school isn't easy. With so many options to choose from - and a tight budget to consider - it's hard to know what you need and who will be the best fit for your school.
The last thing you want is to waste money and time on ineffective training that lets down your students.
Finding effective training you know will work shouldn’t be such a challenge.

Great results from a trusted training provider

We understand the pressure you're up against to spend your budget wisely. No-one wants to feel like they've wasted precious school resources.
Learning Performance has been improving outcomes for schools since 1992, so we know how vital it is for your investment to pay off.
Working with more than 250,000 students every year, our evidence-based approach achieves great results because we take time to understand your specific cohort needs and tailor our services all the way down to the individual student.
Our workshops are cutting edge and fully interactive, meaning your whole school - staff, students, and even parents - will benefit from an improved and integrated learning experience.

Why choose learning Performance?

of students rate our strategies as very good or excellent.

of parents rate our workshops as worthwhile and want more of them!.


of students feel more confident in their studies as a result of our workshops.


of staff rated our strategies as very good or excellent.


Peace of mind with Learning Performance

There's nothing worse than not knowing whether your investment in training has been worthwhile. That's why all our workshops have a comprehensive impact measurement process so you can see at a glance how your students - and our instructors - have performed. When you work with Learning Performance you'll also get:

Experienced and qualified instructors

We match your workshop presenters to the style and personality of your school to ensure the highest level of engagement with your students, staff and parents.

Fully customised approach

We take time to understand your objectives and specific needs, down to the individual student, to enable your fully tailored programme to deliver the great results you're looking for.



Every service we deliver undergoes a comprehensive impact measurement process to ensure you can see clearly how we've performed against your investment.


of mind

Rest assured, we know what we're doing. We've been delivering excellence in training workshops since 1992 and we only ever use evidence-based methods that are proven to return great results.

Teenage Student Answering Question Studying In Classroom

A fully integrated approach to advance your students' progress

Learning Performance has a large team of specialist instructors who are experts in their fields and located across the UK, enabling us to cater for a whole school through a Platinum Partnership approach.
Our courses support the metacognitive and self-regulation approach to learning, which has been found to have consistently high levels of impact.
Students adopting this approach have made an average of seven months’ additional progress. * (reference)

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