All you need to know: GCSEs and A Levels 2020

GCSE and A Level results are a little different this year due to the current pandemic.


Students have been unable to sit exams and instead receive their final grades through teacher predictions and mock exam grades.


On Friday 20th March, all schools were closed to everyone, asides from vulnerable children and children of critical workers.


Due to the impact coronavirus is having on the education system, exams and assessments have been cancelled.


All you need to know: GCSEs and A Levels 2020


How do teacher assessments work?


Ofqual have said they are taking into account a ‘broad range of evidence.’ This includes teacher assessments from schools and colleges. This is based on the grades students would have obtained from this year’s exams, as well as any previously completed course work and mock exam grades.


When will students receive their grades?


Students will receive their grades in August.

For GCSE students, the results are released on the 13th August 2020.

Students will receive their A Level grades on the 20th August 2020.

For more information on exam timetables and dates, click here.


Can students take their exams another time?


Ofqual are working on offering additional exams in autumn for students who wish to take them. This is still being confirmed and will be finalised in the upcoming weeks.