be a Partner School

Our Partnerships are a long-term, whole school and holistic approach to raising achievement and inspiring a love of learning. 

Throughout the academic year we work with students, parents and staff on three fundamental areas. 

how to raise achievement

This work is supported by our innovative online platform, the One Hub, which provides a collaborative space for sharing best practice for all staff. 

Our Partnerships are based on research, models for change and the EEF's evidence informed school improvement cycle. We believe working together we can provide an outstanding education for all our young people. They deserve nothing less. 

We limit the number of Partners to just 5 schools each year, as we want to provide a high-quality and personalised service at all times. There is just one school place left for 2017 - 2018 academic year so don't hesitate, contact Carrie on 01903 872849, schedule in a phone chat at a time best for you or request more information below!

Together we can raise achievement.