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Behaviour modification theory

Behaviour modification can improve the we we learn through reinforcing positive habits and eradicating bad ones.  This can be achieved by modifying our behaviour through reinforcement and environmental influence.  It stems from B.F. Skinner’s theory of operant conditioning. This is an associative learning concept where behaviour is modified by reinforcement or punishment.   In order…

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8 back to school tips for parents

With the summer holidays drawing to an end, we need to start thinking about the new academic year. This is a new beginning and a big step for children. They gain new responsibilities and learn more challenging material.   Amongst the preparation of new stationary and school shoes, there’s undoubtedly some nervousness. Starting the new…

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How can we stop students procrastinating?

Working towards deadlines can often mean having to plan and set aside time for completing work.   But sometimes students can put off doing work until the last minute when it is due. This could be for many reasons. Some people work better under pressure in a shorter time frame, whilst others may need to…

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Using blended learning approaches

Using blended learning approaches is a beneficial and popular method of teaching. Blended learning combines online learning materials alongside a traditional classroom methods. It is especially useful this year, as most students have had to learn from home.   There are many forms of online learning. It involves using online tools, such as watching a…

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Constructivism theory for teaching and learning

Constructivism is about one’s understanding of the world, primarily as a result of their previous experiences. Constructivism theory for teaching and learning is the process of combining old experiences with new information and knowledge.   People inherit information from their previous experiences and use this to understand new information they learn. This new information and…

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3 ways mindfulness can help teachers

A teacher’s role is to make a positive difference in their student’s lives. As a result, teachers can be under a lot of pressure in order to help their students’ achieve.   Because of this, teachers can sometimes neglect their own wellbeing. That’s why practicing mindfulness is an important way to deal with stress and stay…

All you need to know: GCSEs and A Levels 2020

All you need to know: GCSEs and A Levels 2020

GCSE and A Level results are a little different this year due to the current pandemic.   Students have been unable to sit exams and instead receive their final grades through teacher predictions and mock exam grades.   On Friday 20th March, all schools were closed to everyone, asides from vulnerable children and children of…

Summer holidays and teenage concept - group of smiling teenagers with skateboard hanging out outside.

Time management methods for teachers

A teacher’s schedule can be relatively full-on. Teachers need to balance making lesson plans, setting homework and teaching, to name a few. Time management methods for teachers can help to organise this.   That’s why time management is crucial  for balancing all of the tasks teachers are faced with on a weekly basis.    …

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How metacognition complements learning

Metacognition skills are beneficial to students’ learning for many reasons. It improves the way people learn by being aware of their own thought processes.   John Flavell coined the term metacognition in 1979; he defines it as the knowledge of one’s cognitive ability. Understanding the way we think improves how we learn by controlling our…

How to get great outcomes for your school

Step 1 - How to get great outcomes for your school

Speak to our team and find out how we achieve great outcomes for 250,000 students every year.

Step 2 - Tailor your programme

We’ll take time to discuss and fully understand your needs including school timings and specific student requirements so we can tailor a programme to offer you the best outcomes.

Step 3. Inspire and motivate

Your students and staff will be inspired and motivated in our performance workshops, while you can rest assured knowing you’ve spent your budget wisely with a trusted study skills provider who'll deliver great results.

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