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Intensive interactive training programmes to support schools during and after lockdown

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Adapting Learning During COVID

“Can I just say how brilliant Mohammed was! The sessions were excellent and he coped brilliantly with the last minute changes. They were also quite a tough crowd because they were mostly muted but he didn't let it faze him at all.

I can confidently say that we will be booking him to come back again in the future. Many thanks for re-organising last minute!”


Austin Friars

Becca Car

"Guy was very good at making it all work online and shared some really useful ideas with the students. He pitched it at the right level to cover the ideas and intersperse the information with some lighthearted relief!”


Tina Legget

Vienna International School

There’s a lot of lost ground after months out the classroom

You need to boost morale amongst students, as well as inspire and motivate them, so they continue to engage in learning and achieve their best results. But with so many performance workshops around it’s difficult to know what works, what will suit students' needs best and where to spend valuable resources. The wrong decision risks wasting students' and teachers' valuable time - and your school's money.
Finding a cost-effective training solution the whole school will love -
and learn from - shouldn’t be such a challenge.

Expert workshops tailored to your needs and budget

Getting back on track will be tough. We’ve worked with enough schools over 28 years to understand the unprecedented challenges you face. That’s why we’ve developed COVID Catch Up –sustainable and holistic interactive workshop programmes that will kick start students’ motivations to achieve.


COVID Catch Up - A Swift Return To Effective Learning

Focus on metacognition:

  • Motivating students to manage and monitor their own learning
  • Supporting your team with training in new techniques
  • Accelerate and sustain significant positive impact on outcomes
  • Using evidence-based best practice approaches

Versatile formats:

  • Face-to-face and web-based programmes
  • Quickly adaptable in the event of changes
  • Support to get the most out of remote learning
  • Sustainable outcomes offering outstanding value

Essential skills:

  • Improving working memory with new techniques
  • Establish foundation study skills to support tuition and interventions
  • Adopting a growth mindset
  • Goal setting and managing stress

New Web-Based Workshops

Limitations on face-to-face interaction doesn’t need to hold back your students’ progression or the personal development of your teaching staff.

Learning Performance already works with schools around the world delivering highly effective training programmes in web-based and in-person formats. Both achieve outstanding results for the schools we work with.

Your programme can be switched to an online format at short notice, so we guarantee your students and staff will get the support they deserve whatever the status with COVID restrictions in your community.

Workshops Designed To Catch-Up Your Students During and After Lockdown

Create your own package options from the following:

Think Better

Self-motivation and Growth Mindset

Aim big

Goal Setting and Aspirations for the Future

Get organised

Organisation skills, Time Management and Staying Focused

You’ve got this

Dealing with Setbacks and Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles

Be awesome

Confidence and Self-esteem


The use of Association Maps

Pace yourself

The Review Philosophy, including Spaced Practice

Tackling text

Effective Note Taking and Understanding and Condensing text/information

Who are you?

Self-reflection – Becoming Better

Learn smarter

Memory Techniques to aid Recall and Retention

Prep for success

Exam Preparation

Your best self

Healthy Habits for Body and Mind including Stress Management and Mindfulness

What schools say about Learning Performance





"pupils responded well"

Engaging and inspiring with virtual workshops for every eventuality

After months out of the classroom, The British School of Brussels wanted Year 11 students to have the best possible start to their final GCSE year. They needed to equip them with effective learning strategies to study independently and effectively and boost motivation to achieve their goals.

With the school being in Belgium, they needed reassurance the programme could be delivered virtually if required – which it was.

To keep engagement high and enable student interaction, presenters worked with smaller groups for shorter sessions, rather than full day events.

Students rotated between 3 presenters over the 3 days. Each day started with a 1-hour session with 21 students, followed by 3 shorter sessions with just 7 students for 1 hour 45 minutes. Students each used their own devices with camera and microphone which meant questions could be directed to individuals. The chat feature allowed students to ask questions privately.

Presenter feedback -

“It's lovely being able to target questions to specific students. And they didn't get away with sitting down for long periods of time. Definitely the way forward in this current situation!”

Cohort: 126 students in 6 groups of 21

Format: Virtual, 6 presenters, 3 workshops over 3 days

Your workshops can all be delivered online – and they’re easy for you to set up. They can be streamed into one classroom, multiple classrooms, or accessed off several devices if students are at home.



All You need is:

1.    A screen, or multiples screens (whiteboards /laptops/ tablets)
2.    An internet connection and access to an online meeting platform e.g Zoom, Microsoft teams. (If you don’t have your own, we’ll send a link for you to use ours.)
3.    Student workbooks - We'll send these out well in advance.


How to set up:

Simply log on 30 minutes before your workshop starts for technical checks (video and camera) and to meet our presenter. We'll be on hand throughout each workshop to support you.

Example Virtual Packages to suit your needs and budget

How To Get Great Outcomes For Your School

Step 1 - Schedule A Call

Speak to our team and find out how we achieve great outcomes for 250,000 students every year.

Step 2 - Tailor your programme

We’ll take time to discuss and fully understand your needs including school timings and specific student requirements so we can tailor a programme to offer you the best outcomes.

Step 3. Inspire and motivate

Your students and staff will be inspired and motivated in our performance workshops, while you can rest assured knowing you’ve spent your budget wisely with a trusted study skills provider who'll deliver great results.

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All schools want the best outcomes for students. But, right now, it’s harder than ever to achieve. You can’t risk the attainment gap increasing further. It’s tough. But it’s not out of reach. With a sustainable, strategic training programme that supports staff and inspires students you’ll limit damage and motivate students fast. Lead the way and set the standard for others by giving your students the chance they deserve.


If you’re ready to get your school back on track, schedule a call. Our team is ready to tailor your COVID catch up workshop today

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