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Herne Bay’s Partnership Package consisted of two workshops for each Pupil Premium student in Year 7 through to Year 11, as well as after school parent events designed to improve parental engagement and encourage support at home.

Workshops were spread out throughout the academic year and content was tailored to meet their students specific needs by incorporating elements of metacognition, self-regulation and resilience, ensuring each time we visit we built on what had already been covered.

“Learning Performance are an excellent company to work with, so supportive, professional and flexible to the needs of our school”

Herne Bay High School

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Case Study Questions

What made you choose to invest your funding and work with Learning Performance?

Having worked with Learning Performance during the previous academic year we choose to continue and extend our partnership. The feedback we received from students and staff was excellent and the professional, organised and friendly staff at Learning Performance made the decision a lot easier.

What were your aims for running such workshops for students, staff and parents, and were these met?

The workshops were base around growth mindset, organization and revision techniques. Each year group had 2 workshops throughout the year and these are arranged to develop as the student progresses through the school. The parental workshops allowed parents to get involved in revision techniques to fully support their child through all their exams, providing tips and hints to raise awareness of the support they can offer.

Following the workshops, have you or your staff noticed an improvement in the students’ motivation, confidence and/or engagement towards their learning?

Students are developing a ‘yet’ attitude to new situations. Their motivation towards their own progress has improved as they have been provided with techniques that are effective and they can utilise in order to succeed.

Overall, what do you think the impact of the workshops has been?

The impact has been excellent and the feedback from all of the students has been excellent. With the design of the programme, the students will continue to benefit from these as they work their way through the school years

Any other comments?

We look forward to continuing our journey with Learning Performance. They are an excellent company to work with, so supportive, professional and flexible to the needs of our school. Thank you!

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