How can we stop students procrastinating when working from home?

Working from home can sometimes be a challenge. Naturally, we are used to having a separate work and home environment.

But now that students are having to work from home more, without having an educational setting to complete work and study, this can be disrupting for them.

So, how can students work efficiently without distractions? How can we stop students procrastinating when working from home?


Create a working environment

  • Creating a space where students can complete their work will help eliminate distractions. Somewhere quiet, like a room where they can shut themselves away is ideal.
  • A desk with enough space for a laptop or workbook will be more comfortable than sitting on a sofa.
  • Ensuring that everything the student needs will prevent them from getting up and distracting themselves.


Establish a routine 

  • A routine will provide structure to the day.
  • This could be waking up at a specific time, setting a time to start work, having lunch and finishing work.
  • This will help the student to complete a certain amount of hours of work daily. They can divide their working hours between subjects. This will allow goals to be set, and reached.


Setting goals

  • Setting a weekly or daily goal will help students to work towards their deadlines.
  • Make sure that the goals are realistic and achievable in the timeframe.
  • Creating a checklist of everything that needs completing will make it easier to work towards.



  • Arrange the tasks into order of importance.
  • This will allow the tasks to be completed individually, so they can be worked through.
  • Completing the most important tasks first will