How can we stop students procrastinating?

Working towards deadlines can often mean having to plan and set aside time for completing work.


But sometimes students can put off doing work until the last minute when it is due. This could be for many reasons. Some people work better under pressure in a shorter time frame, whilst others may need to improve on time management skills. Everyone learns in their own unique way, there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all with learning.


Here are some tips for how we can stop students procrastinating:


Create a learning environment

Creating a positive learning environment where students be productive will help them to get into the right mindset. It can be anywhere equipped with sufficient tools needed for learning and quiet enough to concentrate.


Help them find their learning style

Everyone has their own unique learning preference and style that works well for them. Some students have one learning style, whilst others have multiple learning styles, either combined, or for different tasks. Helping students to discover what learning style works for them will help motivate them with learning. There are seven types of learning styles, read about them here.


Make learning inclusive 

Inclusive learning ensures that all students are involved when being taught. It takes into account that every student is different and therefore has different learning methods and experiences. Using inclusive language when teaching, for example gender-neutral pronouns when talking to a group of students. When teaching new material or concepts, try using multiple methods. This way, there will be more change of all students understanding what is being taught, as everyone will interpret information in their own way.