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Teaching skills around planning, monitoring and evaluating the learning process can drive results upwards

Teaching that genuinely inspires students to learn is an art form in itself. When pupils aren’t engaged, they fail to reach their potential at school, which could compromise their future. No one wants to see students receive lower grades than they are capable of, just because they didn’t have the skills to learn effectively. When the time you have to work out a winning strategy is limited, Metacognition can get you there faster.

Metacognition - the key to progress

After working with hundreds of schools over 25 years we know there is no one-size-fits-all golden ticket when it comes to effective learning. Taking a metacognitive approach however, can make all the difference. The Education Endowment Foundation Toolkit highlights Metacognition and self regulation skills, as having consistently high levels of impact, with pupils making an average of + 7 months additional progress over the course of a year. Metacognition can change any student’s learning behaviours, increasing their confidence and their self-belief. Understanding the way they process information best allows them to be more aware of what they are learning and better monitor the actual process of absorbing information. They can then overcome challenges independently in the future.

Students who understand Metacognition become better lifelong learners

Schools that work with Learning Performance to embed Metacognition into their approach see students enjoy the benefits across three key phases of their studies:

Planning for success

During the planning phase, the student takes into consideration the tasks that have been set, deciding how to approach these and which of the different cognitive strategies they should employ.

Monitoring progress

For the monitoring phase, students apply their plan and monitor their progress towards their academic goal. It is important to know what strategy to use and when and to change and adapt the strategies if they aren’t successful.

Exploring evaluation

The evaluation phase determines whether the strategy used has been successful. The student asks whether their learning goal has been achieved and how they can improve it next time. As a result they are aware of factors that affect their performance


You can learn more about how Metacognition works by reading our blog.

Pinpoint exactly where students’ learning can improve

Some students produce their best homework sat at their desk, headphones on, music blasting. Others need complete silence. Some work better on their own. Others prefer to be part of a team, bouncing ideas around to solve problems. Every student is different but teaching what Metacognition is and how to use it will enable every student to understand what methods work best for them so they can take control of their learning. Learning Performance works with schools around the world delivering highly effective Metacognition training programmes.

Use Metacognition to accelerate and sustain a significant positive impact on student outcomes

All our workshops use evidence-based best-practice approaches. They can be delivered in school and online, tailored to your changing needs. Here are some of the many outcomes your whole school community can benefit from:


  • Motivate students to manage and monitor their own learning
  • Provide pupils with a repertoire of learning strategies to choose from
  • Further develop your staff’s understanding of Metacognition to embed it in everyday classroom practice
  • Know how to apply revision techniques to subject specific content
  • Improve working and long term memory with effective skills
  • Set goals and develop a growth mindset culture
  • Manage exam stress and build confidence
  • Consolidate strategies with parents through after school forums and parent/child workshops

Create your own workshop package:

learning perfomance

The learning Performance day was great.  We had fabulous feedback from the students and we particularly enjoyed the afterschool workshop for teachers.

Mrs Angie Davison Assistant Headteacher  Stalham High School

“I have to pass on how OUTSTANDING the workshops were. The girls were engaged from start to finish and parents came in raving about the study skills strategies the girls have learned”

Mrs. Pippa Page-Roberts Head Putney High Junior School

“The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and took some fantastic strategies away.”

Andrew Stone - Head of Year 10 Regents Park Community College

“It was amazing today, our students really enjoyed their session and found it very beneficial.”

Sylvie Hulley Head of Year 7 Kendrick School

Lasting impact well beyond the workshop

While there is ample research and evidence into how Metacognition impacts student progress and attainment, on the ground it can be difficult to quantify, especially when taking a holistic approach like we do. That’s why our impact reports are based on what matters most - pupil, parent and staff voice.

At the end of every Learning Performance workshop students are invited to evaluate the workshop and rate their presenter. We then create an impact report for you which shows feedback given, key takeaways, plans to do things differently and learning objectives identified.

These post-workshop impact reports help you easily track the success of your investment. The report can then be used to evidence outcomes of specific funding allocations.

How To Get Great Outcomes For Your School

Step 1 - Schedule A Call

Speak to our team at Learning Performance and find out how we achieve great outcomes for 250,000 students every year through our tailored workshops.

Step 2 - Tailor your programme

Select from our range of topics to best meet your needs and we’ll tailor a programme to tackle the specific challenges you are facing.

Step 3. Inspire and motivate

Set up your students and staff for success with a trusted study skills provider who you can be sure will deliver great results.

What schools say about Learning Performance

“It was brilliant. Really well planned and organised sessions. We would definitely recommend the programme to other school leaders. The perception from senior leadership was extremely positive. The pupils were able to take a lot away from the sessions” 

Paul Cooper Progress Leader – Year 10 Aylesford School 

“Fabulous workshops. They’ve made a huge impact on our students. They have been very stretched, challenged and entertained!” 

Anna Godzisz Pupil Premium/EAL Lead Stanground Academy

Metacognition holds the key to students improving their performance by developing effective learning strategies.

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