*NEWS* We are proud partners with PiXL

We are delighted to announce we are partners with PiXL!

PiXL have an outstanding reputation for supporting school improvement. Their unwavering dedication to promoting excellence for all students, belief in people, and family ethos is in line with our strong values that continue to drive us forward year after year.

As a teacher-led and family – run business we believe:

  • All children can achieve no matter their social economic background.
  • In a personal and holistic approach to raising achievement and aspirations.
  • In the power of creativity and imagination to inspire a love of learning.
  • In family; trust, respect, honesty and unconditional support.

All PiXL Schools Get A 20% Discount On Our Workshops

We are thrilled to be partners with PiXL! All PiXL schools will receive a 20% discount off our workshops. PiXL Schools who would like to work with us to embed a whole – school approach to metacognition, self – regulation and well – being as a Learning Performance Partner School also receive exclusive benefits!

Our Managing Director, Carrie Starbuck, will be at the PiXL Main Meeting on Thursday 11th May so come and say hello!