Staff Continued Professional Development

Written by teachers for teachers

Creative Learning and Teaching INSET

With the shift towards linear exams students’ ability to recall large amounts of information is going to be paramount.

This doesn’t have to mean boring, tedious rote–learning lessons. We can harness the power of creativity and imagination with metacognition or learning to learn skills to raise achievement and inspire a love of learning. 

This full or half–day teacher INSET focuses on creative, practical and effective learning and revision techniques that can be used in the classroom the very next day.

Growth Mindset: Walk the Talk Staff INSET

The Growth Mindset philosophy is wonderful, but it can be difficult to make tangible. This interactive, practical and evidence–based teacher programme is designed to help schools move onto “phase 2” of embedding Growth Mindset across the whole school.

Together we look at practical and realistic steps to creating a successful Growth Mindset school. The full–day workshop focuses on:

  • Is Growth Mindset just another fad?
  • The Language of Success
  • Effective Feedback
  • Effective Praise 
  • Expectations and Challenge
  • The whole–school approach, working with parents and students 
  • The most important step of all is taking action. The end of the workshop is dedicated to creating solid action plans for your classroom, department and school

Staff Twilights

Research shows equipping students with metacognition and self–regulation skills students can make on average 8 months progress.

These short, sharp teacher seminars held after the school day help to embed and consolidate effective learning strategies and growth mindset in the classroom.

The twilights are ideal after a student workshop, and can be held throughout the academic year as part of the school’s CPD programme. 

Long - term teacher continued professional development

We work in partnership with your school to develop a high impact, research–based teacher training programme to help raise achievement and aspirations.

Along with face–to–face support and teacher workshops, we have an online ‘staff room’ called the One Hub that is exclusive to your school. The Hub is a collaborative, positive space where staff can share best (and worst!) practice; access latest research, as well as our teaching and learning resources.