Training By Educational Professionals

Our Trainers


Sally Davis

Sally has worked with LP since 2017 and loves the variety and upbeat pace of the role. She is a certified Mindfulness & Stress Management Coach with a background in performing arts. Sally is passionate about giving young people skills that will support them within an education setting and carry them beyond. She specialises in workshops on confidence, growth mindset, mindfulness, stress management and goal setting.


Sarah Lamptey

Learning Performance has enabled me to work with students on their approach to challenge in their studies and beyond school, and my life has been enriched as a result.


Eric O’Halleran

Nothing is impossible; sometimes we need to reframe our thinking to see beyond the limits.  Helping young people do that is incredibly rewarding.


Fiona Egan

I started my acting career 20 years ago doing T.I.E, taking shows into schools and touring the length and breadth of the British Isles.  Working for Learning performance means that although I’m not touring, I still gets to interact and work with children of all ages.  LP provides the foundations of the workshop and then as presenters we are given the freedom and trust to deliver in our own personal style. This allows me to draw on my own strengths as a communicator, which in turn means the pupil engagement is stronger. Being able to help pupils and parents as well as teachers, leaves me with a great sense of satisfaction, and if we are having fun, the learning is fun, and it therefore has a much greater impact on the individual


Mohammed Nawaz

I have been with Learning Performance for over 17 years. During this time I have worked with over 1000 schools, colleges, and educational institutions. For me it's all about meeting, inspiring, and positively engaging with people. I've had the privilege to work with students, staff, and parents of all ages and backgrounds. This is the essence of what I truly love about working at Learning Performance.


Chris Orton

I’ve always found it rewarding working with a young audience and it can be very satisfying when you see students being inspired in new and different ways. As I’ve worked in many different sectors of entertainment and training, I like to share an interactive creative mix through the presentation and activities, adapting and improvising for different environments. People learn in different ways so varied and impactful approaches are effective.