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Every school strives to create a positive learning culture. But it’s often easier said than done. You need a strategic training provider to help transform your learning approach. But you can’t risk wasting funds on a programme that fails to deliver.

Many Schools Struggle With:

  • Consistency of approach with teaching methods
  • Finding learning techniques that engage the whole class
  • Getting parents on board to reinforce good practice

Your school deserves a thriving culture where students, staff and parents alike are motivated to support and achieve great results.

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A strategic training partner you can rely on to deliver

Transforming learning culture doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and commitment. But with the right strategic support anything is possible. We help schools adopt a consistent and effective approach that engages staff, students and parents and delivers great results.

Learning Performance has been improving outcomes for schools for more than 25 years. We know what it takes to drive and inspire sustainable change.

It is critical that your strategic training partnership is the right fit for your school needs – and for your school community. That’s why we take time to understand your challenges and your school ‘personality’ to ensure our programmes connect and align with your vision

Your tailored programmes can be delivered virtually and face-to-face with whole school solutions to suit all budgets - and needs.

As a Platinum Partnership School we will:

Collaborate with and support you to raise achievement and aspirations

Encourage and advocate a research-led approach to teaching and learning

Help you embed metacognition and resilience into your learning culture

Train your students to become successful, independent and resilient learners

Do these challenges sound all too familiar?

* Knowledge based curriculum and linear exams.

GCSEs are lengthy courses with so much for students to remember by the time exams come around. Just teaching the content isn’t enough. Equipping them with effective evidence-based study skills can significantly increase their chances of success.

* Ofsted expectations.

Outstanding status doesn’t have to feel out of reach or difficult to maintain. Our programmes are all aligned with Ofsted’s expectations of outstanding practice. We’ll help you embed evidence-based best practice approaches throughout your school.

* Overwhelmed and stressed students

When students don’t know how to effectively deal with the demands of education it can quickly overwhelm them and damage confidence. We support students with techniques and tools to improve organisation and mindset – so they can confidently take back control of their learning

* Lack of drive and motivation.

There’s nothing worse than a class of disengaged students – or teachers. We work with your team and your students to reignite a love of learning – and teaching. You school will develop a range of new learning styles and techniques to engage all students and inject a new lease of life back into your classrooms.

* Little or no aspirations for the future.

It’s hard to know what’s possible when you’re lacking in confidence and have no idea what your potential looks like. We support students to build and develop self belief, to build resilience, adopt a can-do approach to learning and set ambitious and attainable goals for their future.

* Poor parental engagement

–evidence shows positive home support influences outcomes by up to 30%*. So getting parents and carers onboard is key to developing a robust learning culture. We work with schools to develop engaging parent forums and dual workshops where parents learn new skills alongside their children. *Education Endowment Foundation 

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The impact has been excellent and the feedback from all of the students has been excellent. With the design of the programme, the students will continue to benefit from these as they work their way through the school years’ 

Herne Bay High School

Structured strategy

Your programme is designed to intertwine with your school development plan.

Aligned approach

Everything is tailored to align with your school’s direction and ethos.

Clear message

Effective communication is at the centre of everything we do.

We Work With Our Platinum Partners On Three Core Strategies

Whole Child (1)
self regulation

Students, staff and even parents will learn new techniques and skills with our fully interactive programmes to improve the classroom experience for everyone.

Engage and Inspire Parents

Develop your teaching teams

  • Memory Matters
  • Surviving Exams
  • Supporting your child at home
  • Effective praise and feedback
  • Supporting SEND students
  • Parent and child workshops – working together
  • Motivating and supporting your child
  • Learn to Learn Strategies
  • Developing a growth mindset culture
  • Effective questioning skills
  • Memory and Retrieval techniques
  • Motivating and engaging students
  • Spaced and interleaving practice

How To Get Great Outcomes For Your School

Step 1 - Schedule A Call

Tell us your priority areas and what you want to achieve within your school.

Step 2 - Tailor your programme

We’ll identify the most effective support programme for your student numbers, needs and budget. We’ll create programmes with the specific content and topics to align with your priorities and strategy.

Step 3. Develop learning culture you can be proud of

Watch your whole school community be inspired and motivated as our partnership develops, while your teachers become more effective in the classroom, and your students’ results improve. So, you can rest assured knowing you’ve spent your budget wisely with a trusted study skills provider that delivers great results.

4 Steps To Study Success Your Teachers Need To Share

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Don't risk investing in study skills workshops that could fall flat. Instead, hire our instructors and have peace of mind your students are equipped to achieve their full potential.

So, schedule a call today to discuss how we can tailor your learning experience to your specific needs and budget and in the meantime download 4 winning study skills your teachers need to share.

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