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Strategies For Success

Tackling the challenges of GCSE revision head on!
This cutting-edge, high impact study skills workshop, designed for KS4, empowers and motivates students to take control of their learning, by equipping them with a range of evidence-based learning and revision strategies, including:

  • Memory Techniques
  • Understanding and Condensing text/entire topics
  • Association Maps
  • The Review Philosophy
  • Exam Preparation
  • Growth Mindset

Students will leave this interactive workshop inspired by new techniques and tools that they can continue to use and apply to their own studies and revision!

Hit The Mark

Empower, motivate and build confidence amongst your underperforming or borderline GCSE students!

Do your underperforming pupils give up easily when trying something new? Do they pretend they don’t care, when really they do? Are many lacking confidence in their ability to achieve? Or, do they want to do well, but don’t know how to take action independently?

We know that all this is incredibly common amongst those who are falling behind and not hitting their targets. As a result we work with schools across the UK supporting underachieving pupils to fulfil their potential.

Our interactive and motivational Hit the Mark workshops encourage pupils to fling any negative thoughts such as, “I can’t do it,” or “It’s too hard,” out of the window. We show them how they can learn, revise, and prepare for exams by using the power of imagination and creativity, building students’ confidence, resilience and belief in their own ability to succeed.

All this raises achievement and helps students’ get the grades they deserve.

Reach For The Stars

Stretch and challenge your highest

This fast paced, interactive study skills workshop is designed to challenge and stretch the highest achievers at GCSE level.

We show students how to learn, revise and prepare for exams effectively and efficiently, by equipping them with creative and innovative techniques that make learning easier!

We also show students how to overcome the fear of failure, practical stress management techniques, and the power of positive visualisation.

All this leaves students equipped with suitable techniques and tools for the challenges that lay ahead!




Now And For The Future

Encouraging Year 9 students to take control of their learning!

We know that choices are tough, and decisions are the name of the game for Year 9 students!

This activity based and interactive workshop not only shows students how to learn with effective study skills, such as memory techniques, but also how to set goals and take positive action for now and the future! We do this by looking at:

  • Memory Techniques
  • Understanding and Condensing text/entire topics
  • Association Maps
  • Goal setting
  • Self-reflection
  • Growth Mindset

All this leaves students empowered and motivated with high aspirations for the future and equipped with effective techniques to reach their full potential!

Essential Study Skills

Setting good learning habits for Year 7 and Year 8 students

The importance of a good start to pupil’s secondary school education cannot be underestimated. Setting a positive learning culture from the outset is vital to students’ later success at GCSE level.

Just like you, we want your students to achieve their very best, not just for now, but for their future.

Our Essential Study Skills workshop empowers pupils by equipping them with evidence based learn to learn and self-regulation strategies, which encourage a growth mindset approach to school (and life!)


Learn Too

Making learning easier for your SEND students

We know that every child has the ability to achieve, but the secret to success is confidence and self-belief.

Learn Too was Learning Performance’s first ever study skills workshop to be rolled out to schools all the way back in 1992.

This interactive, inspiring and dynamic learning to learn workshop is specifically designed to make learning easier for SEND students, in a fun and engaging way.

We show students how to learn with creative and effective study techniques, such as memory cues.

This helps to improve students’ confidence, self–esteem and ultimately, exam results.


How To Get Great Outcomes For Your School

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Step 3. Inspire and motivate

Your students and staff will be inspired and motivated in our performance workshops, while you can rest assured knowing you’ve spent your budget wisely with a trusted study skills provider who'll deliver great results.

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