Time management methods for teachers

A teacher’s schedule can be relatively full-on. Teachers need to balance making lesson plans, setting homework and teaching, to name a few. Time management methods for teachers can help to organise this.


That’s why time management is crucial  for balancing all of the tasks teachers are faced with on a weekly basis.



Here are some time management methods for teachers:



Schedule according to priorities


  • By organising tasks in order of importance, it’ll help teachers to plan out their weekly tasks.
  • Doing the important tasks first will reduce stress and become less overwhelming.
  • Organise tasks by creating a list. By physically checking each task off the list, it will provide a sense of accomplishment.


Try using the Eisenhower Method


  • This sorts tasks in order of importance and urgency.
  • This method allows people to sort importance from urgency, as the two aren’t always the same.
  • Start by writing down a list of tasks that need completing. Then create a grid for the tasks.
  • Group together the tasks that are both urgent and important.
  • Try not to waste time merely completing the tasks that appear urgent. Prioritise the important ones.
  • Lastly, anything that isn’t urgent or important shouldn’t make the list.


Plan ahead of time


  • At the start of the week, try writing a plan for the entire week.
  • This will help to organise tasks, priorities and goals for the coming week.
  • Similar tasks can be completed at the same time, which should reduce time and stress. This is because the brain will not have to jump between different tasks.