Tips For Teachers On Starting The Academic Year

This week, students and teachers across the country go back to school. With this comes the task of adapting back into a work ethic, for teachers and students alike. Students move up a year and learn more challenging material, while teachers welcome a new class, teaching up to thirty students who are different levels of learning. With these tips for teachers starting the academic year, it can make the transition a little smoother.

Greet each student individually

Learn everyone’s names one by one. There may be a lot of names to learn, so perhaps create name tags to wear or prop up on their desk.

Lesson plans

Create detailed lesson plans ahead of the commencing year. Have back-up lesson plans in case technology fail, or the original lesson doesn’t go according to plan. This will help you map out your week and stay on top of everything.

Rules and expectations

Go through your rules and expectations as a teacher, as well as school rules that students need to be reminded of. Setting boundaries from day one will allow them to be implemented and student will be aware of what is expected.

Ask students individually about their academic goals

It is important to know where each child is at in terms of their academia. Some students may excel in maths – for others, it could be their most challenging subject. Ask your students how they want the new academic year to go, what they would like to achieve and how they plan on doing so. This is a more positive start to the year over asking students how their summer was. For some students, their six week break could have been holidaying around Europe, whilst others could have spent it sitting at home waiting for their guardians to return from work. To avoid awkwardness amongst students, motivate them by helping them set goals early on.

Purchase an academic diary

Academic planners aren’t just for students; they are useful for planning lessons, recording important dates and setting reminders. Having a pocket-sized diary will allow you to carry it on the go and stay organised.

With the new academic year comes a new beginning. That’s why it is important to stay organised from the start, and establish a good relationship with your new students, to start off the year right.