Using blended learning approaches

Using blended learning approaches is a beneficial and popular method of teaching. Blended learning combines online learning materials alongside a traditional classroom methods. It is especially useful this year, as most students have had to learn from home.


There are many forms of online learning. It involves using online tools, such as watching a video, or completing online learning tests to engage students with learning. It is useful for improving the learning experience inside and outside the classroom. Students are able to build upon their education following what they have learnt in the classroom.


Here’s why using blended learning approaches is beneficial:


It improves engagement

Using online learning is interactive and keeps students interested in what is being taught. This is because it is an interactive and hands-on approach. There are plenty of apps and websites across a range of subjects, made to be fun and engaging to improve students’ knowledge.


It reinforces what is learnt in the classroom

Traditional teaching methods in the classroom can be built upon at home. This will help students  solidify what they have learnt and go over anything they don’t understand. Teachers can choose what work they wish to set students based on their progress and understanding.


Learning by doing

A hands-on approach to learning combined with traditional classroom methods will help students to learn information effectively. For example, by completing a test in class, then completing an online activity on the same subject, students can absorb the information easier.


Improving communication and understanding

Teachers can easily monitor students’ progress through learning in the classroom, as well as online. Tests and work can be set as homework online, or by using hand-out sheets and practice papers. Teachers are able to see their students progress when setting online learning materials, as well as marking homework.