Post 16 Workshops

Advanced Study Skills

Dealing with new expectations and higher demands of post 16 education

The transition from KS4 to KS5 is one of the biggest leaps students will make in their education. Some students thrive with the extra freedom and responsibility, but many more struggle.

Our motivational and inspiring Advanced Study Skills workshop equips Year 12 or Year 13 students with effective learning strategies so they can grow to be successful, independent and resilient learners.

The programme looks at content such as:

  • Independent Learning, Time Management and Organisation
  • Note-Taking and Condensing information
  • Association Maps
  • Effective Reading
  • Research Skills
  • The Review Philosophy, including Spaced Practice
  • Stress Management and Procrastination
  • Growth Mindset and Motivation

We know that your students have the ability the flourish in KS5, and beyond!

Why choose learning Performance?

of students rate our strategies as very good or excellent.

of parents rate our workshops as worthwhile and want more of them!.


of students feel more confident in their studies as a result of our workshops.


of staff rated our strategies as very good or excellent.


How To Get Great Outcomes For Your School

Step 1 - Schedule A Call

Speak to our team and find out how we achieve great outcomes for 250,000 students every year.

Step 2 - Tailor your programme

We’ll take time to discuss and fully understand your needs including school timings and specific student requirements so we can tailor a programme to offer you the best outcomes.

Step 3. Inspire and motivate

Your students and staff will be inspired and motivated in our performance workshops, while you can rest assured knowing you’ve spent your budget wisely with a trusted study skills provider who'll deliver great results.

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